Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in 1033 A.D.

Hildesheim Panoramas

Reviving History


A commission for Hanke+Schwandt, a company which was responsible for the new Tourist Information Center in Hildesheim, Germany. I was jointly responsible for the creation of 9 historical panoramas. Three panoramas for three locations in three different time periods, showing the development of the market, the cathedral and St. Michaelis Church.
The whole Team built models and created textures for each scene. My contribution was: project management, modeling, texturing, rendering and postwork for 4 full-cg panoramas. The other panoramas were created by Simon Kirsch and Marvin Podsendek.

Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in 17th century
Marketplace in Hildesheim in 17th century
Rebuildet Marketplace in Hildesheim in 1960
worker huts 1033 A.D.
Wedekind House
Town Hall